Therapy for Adults

Life is complex and emotions can be confusing and overwhelming. We are here to guide you on your journey of personal growth and self-awareness. Therapy can help you develop a richer understanding for your circumstances and promote awareness for the factors contributing to feelings of malaise, worry, or dissatisfaction. For disorders affecting adults, we take a lifespan approach and look at various factors (environmental, family, cultural, social settings) to fully understand the course of the issues at hand.

Whether you are struggling with a relationship, career change, challenging family dynamic,  or a recent loss we are here to support you. Our developmental perspective allows us to view your current circumstances within the greater context of your life. This helps us to see your needs holistically and provide you with a unique and individualized experience. Our treatment is especially suitable for you if you are dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, and identity issues. We offer a treatment in our conveniently located office that synergizes psychodynamic, developmental, cognitive behavioral, and neuropsychological approaches to therapy in order to fully understand your needs and issues from all aspects.