School Consultation Services

School plays an integral role within children's development. It is the environment where children spend the majority of their days and is the host to most of children's social and academic endeavors. When schools are able to support children beyond their academic obligation it becomes a place for growth and nurturance. As such, we believe in helping schools develop a unique culture that embodies their existing values while incorporating tools to address children's social and emotional needs. When social and emotional development is woven into the fabric of a school's core value system it can have an incredible impact on students and help them feel understood and supported, while also promoting the ideals of being good citizens and friends.  

We offer support and training to teachers and schools in managing various learning, social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. This support ranges as follows:

School-Wide Intervention: This level of consultation will help you to think about how to address the needs of your students on a grand scale and work to implement interventions to help target particular needs

Professional Development: Developing teacher training modules that will suit the particular needs of your school examining important topics such as understanding learning disabilities, ADHD and Autism, improving social cohesion in the classroom, and how to manage behavior difficulties 

Classroom Management: Developing positive reinforcement systems that are developmentally appropriate for your students

Individual Support: Providing detailed recommendations to support students with ADHD, learning disabilities, and social struggles

Executive Functioning: Training teachers and staff to focus on the development of regulation strategies such as self monitoring, frustration tolerance, reducing stress, and task completion

Sensory Needs: Tailoring specific activities to improve self control and focus for students with sensory regulation needs