Parental Counseling & Therapy

Parenting is one of the most challenging tasks one can have and it does not involve a one-size-fits all approach. Parenting a child who is struggling can be frustrating and disappointing. Feelings of helplessness can be quite pronounced. As child therapists and neuropsychologists we have an extensive understanding for the needs of all types of children. With this unique perspective we offer parental guidance. Parental Guidance is a service where we work exclusively to provide therapy to parents coping with challenging circumstances. This work can be done in conjunction with the treatment of your child or on an individual basis. Parental Guidance is best suited for parents with children who demonstrate problems that require ongoing support such as behavioral difficulties, emotion regulation challenges, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, separation anxiety, sleep issues as well as for parents who are struggling to relate to or understand their children. Children who are struggling emotionally or behaviorally often create stressful environments which may lead to increased parental conflict. Parental Guidance can also help you manage this conflict which is essential in the care and treatment of your child.   

Understanding your child’s behaviors and experiences is imperative towards helping them and improving your relationship with them. This understanding is the first step. Finding ways to structure your home and improve communication is very important to the functioning of your family and supporting your struggling child. Together we will work collaboratively to develop a rich understanding of parenting your unique child that will help guide your role within your child's life.