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Dr. Nightingale provides child, adolescent and adult psychotherapy for a variety of issues, including affect regulation, anxiety, low self esteem, trauma, adoption and loss. With these kinds of issues, play and art therapy interventions as well as support and education are helpful for children and adolescents. For clients struggling with anxiety and developmental issues such as Autism and ADHD, a more didactic, cognitive-behavioral strategy oriented approach is used. Her work with adults is psychodynamically based with use of strategies from dialectical and cognitive therapies as warranted. Another important component of her practice is neuropsychological assessment for learning, attention, social and emotional issues in children, adolescents and adults. Dr. Nightingale's knowledge and understanding of developmental psychology and child development adds a deeper understanding to her work with adults. As a neuropsychologist, she has areas of specialization in Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Developmental and Learning disabilities.

Dr. Nightingale received her doctorate at the New School for Social Research in Clinical Psychology. She has also completed a Fellowship in Long Term Individual Psychotherapy at the Beth Israel Medical Center, and is a graduate of the three year program at William Alanson White Institute program for Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy.  Further she completed her two year  Post Doctoral Fellowship in Pediatric Neuropsychology at the NYU Child Study Center.

Kate Lawlor, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist & Neuropsychologist


Dr. Lawlor started with the practice in 2011 as a neuropsychology intern and is now a fully licensed member of the team. Her training background combines clinical psychology with children, adolescents, and adults, with highly specialized training and research in neuropsychology. She specializes in neuropsychological assessment, which includes diagnosing neurological and psychiatric disorders, including ADHD, learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, anxiety and depression. Her assessments provide a detailed look at brain functioning, assessing different skills, such as memory, attention, executive functioning, language, academics, and emotions, and how they interplay to create unique learning profiles for each individual. 

Dr. Lawlor has extensive experience working with individuals with developmental disabilities at all levels of functioning, helping to obtain services from different agencies including OPWDD, OMH, and case management. Dr. Lawlor also has a wide ranging, comprehensive knowledge of sleep processes and maintenance in children and adults. Her research in this area focuses on the relationship between sleep, memory, and emotion regulation, a well as the areas of the brain that are involved in sleep. Finally, Dr. Lawlor has also worked with the severely mentally ill population in a variety of settings, including state psychiatric facilities, outpatient clinics, and through incarceration, providing therapy, rehabilitation and planning for long-term treatment. 

Gauri Pradhan, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist & Executive functioning therapist

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Dr. Pradhan joined NPP in 2017 and specializes in executive functioning therapy, adolescent and adult psychotherapy, and therapeutic tutoring. As an executive functioning coach, Dr. Pradhan helps students develop better organizational habits and study skills and manage the anxiety that comes from feeling overwhelmed by their schoolwork. Dr. Pradhan uses a cognitive behavioral approach to support students in developing these skills. She also loves math and has many years of experience tutoring privately. In addition, Dr. Pradhan helps with parent-student interaction and collaborates with the school. Importantly, all of her work is done through the lens of a clinical psychologist. This means that while students develop their skills they also learn to better manage their feelings around their work. Dr. Pradhan has a certificate in ADHD Parent Coaching and was trained by an ADHD expert, Cindy Goldrich. Dr. Pradhan also provides general psychotherapy services and is skilled at providing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). Dr. Pradhan particularly enjoys working with individuals with anxiety (test anxiety, health anxiety, and panic attacks), depression, and/or identity issues (academic, racial, cultural, aging). She has supervised masters and doctoral level trainees and also loves mentoring and supporting new clinicians. 

Dr. Pradhan received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Yeshiva University and completed research on the interplay between mood and cognition. She is currently an Adjunct Assistant Professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice.