Therapeutic tutoring understands the emotional impact of learning struggles on students’ ability to access their knowledge and perform their best. In this model, students’ self perceptions and biases about their abilities are explored to articulate both strengths and weaknesses with the goal of identifying emotional obstacles that may hinder learning and performance. These may include:

  • Test anxiety that interferes with students’ abilities to demonstrate their knowledge

  • Low self-esteem can lead to the belief that the student is not capable of learning or succeeding

  • Giving up when a problem is not solved immediately

  • Perfectionist tendencies that can lead to procrastination, avoiding work, or missing deadlines

  • Feeling overwhelmed by large assignments that leads to procrastination or last minute cramming

Supportive guidance can be given in all academic levels in all subject areas.

Specific areas of content expertise in:

  • Development of foundational math skills, middle school math, algebra and geometry

  • Middle school science subjects

  • Help with writing assignments, including idea generation, outlining and organization of ideas

Targeted test prep is also available for: SHSAT, PSAT, SAT, GRE and EPPP