About Us

First and foremost we are clinicians who value the relationships we develop with the children, teens, adults and families that we work with. We aim to be as supportive and therapeutic as possible in both psychotherapy and testing interactions. We are a team of clinical psychologists who understand the impact of development on brain and behavior relationships across the lifespan on academic, social and emotional functioning. We come from diverse of backgrounds and perspectives and strive to be culturally aware and competent. Our conveniently located practice brings two decades of experience working with individuals with developmental delays and disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and Learning Disabilities, as well as social/emotional struggles such as anxiety, depression, mood, trauma and attachment issues.

If your child is struggling with attention, sensory integration issues, high activity level, impulsivity, low self esteem, managing frustration, poor school performance, navigating social experiences, anxiety, trauma, or loss he or she may benefit from evaluation and/or intervention. Further we have expertise with assessment and treatment of gifted and twice exceptional (2e) children and teens who present with unique social and emotional complexities.

We also work with adolescents and young adults who are seeking to negotiate the intricacies of the demands they face while figuring out their place in the world. Often this period is riddled with anxiety and confusion, especially in the complex culture and time in which we live.

Our work with adults also includes support with life transitions, vocational stress, the challenges of parenthood and partnerships, and working through trauma and loss.

Our practice provides the following services:

Individual Psychotherapy

neuropsychological testing and assessment

Parent Guidance

Executive Functioning Therapy

Therapeutic Tutoring

Education Consultation

Welcome to our practice. We are eager to learn about your needs.